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Thread: Sanchez wants Nate Diaz next

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    Maybe I am a bit of a Diego homer, but I think he is way better than Leonard Garcia.

    They got Sanchez as 10 on fight matrix and Garcia as number 100. Before Leonard's last two wins in Legacy he lost five straight. Diego is 3 for 5 in his last bouts (I know all about the Kampman bout, b/c I had Martin winning as well), but they have been against studs.

    Yes he has been in wars, and yes he let his chin hang, but he did have competitive rounds in all of those fights.

    Edit: I would not put him at ten, but somebody did.
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    Holy cow, I'd forgotten about the Kampmann bout.

    I had him losing against Gomi--I honestly can't see how anyone wouldn't--and I do not think Gomi can still be described as a stud.

    So that makes Sanchez losing something like 6 out of his last 7, by my count.

    He can take a beating. He stays busy. I need a bit more from that from a fighter, particularly one as flaky and uncharismatic as Diego.

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    He also should have lost the Gomi fight. That was awful judging. He should be 1-6 in his last 7 fights. His last top 10 win was Guida over in June 2009. The guy plateaued around the BJ Penn fight and hasn't been relevant to the title picture since. He still has great condition, heart and a hell of a chin. His BJJ is still great but his striking and wrestling is stagnant and has started to fall behind against current UFC fighters to the point that he has a hard time implementing his BJJ in fights and is forced try to brawl with his opponents.

    I will give him credit where it's due. He always goes out and leaves everything in the cage. At this point though, I have seen all 20 or so UFC fights of his and don't get interested when he fights. I would rather see someone who has the potential to accomplish something in MMA fight. I could care less if I see him fight again.

    And yes, he is a much better fighter than Garcia.
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