MMA Fighting reports on the Bellator press conference held Monday at its headquarters in Newport Beach, California. Among the topics included the price point of the PPV being somewhere between $35 and $45.
Rebney indicated that it would be up to the individual distributors of the PPV to decide on the final price point. In addition, he indicated that championship bouts would occur on the card along with Rampage-Tito in the main event. Shoulder programming would promote the event and its likely we’ll see more of Rampage and Tito on other Viacom shows including Spike TV’s TNA Wrestling. Similar to the UFC, Bellator will have prelims air on cable network as Bellator plans to show prelims on Spike.
He also stated that Bellator would not go into the business of monthly PPVs and would only hold these “when it makes sense.”
Payout Perspective:
We shall see how much DirecTV, Comcast, Time Warner, etc. decide to price the Bellator PPV. Its likely that they would have one price for non-HD and one for HD. The Invicta PPV which was promoted as a $15 PPV actually was charged by some distributors at $25 for HD. We might see the same scenario here (i.e. $45 non-HD, $50 or $55 for HD). The card will need to be stacked for fans to order this PPV which Bellator intends to do with multiple championship fights planned. Moreover, if the UFC decides to counter program with either a rerun of a recent PPV (Silva-Weidman I or Cain-JDS III or GSP-Hendricks for example) on Fox Sports 1 the same night or move its “Fight For the Troops” card to November 2nd, the same night as Bellator’s PPV, this could really hurt Bellator’s PPV.
Soooooooo, anybody shelling out $45 to watch this?