being too emotional," said Tate. "I think that was the biggest problem last time was she got inside my head and she made me really, really angry. I just donít think I feed well off of negative energy. Iíd rather just be positive about it and just be happy. I love the sport, I love fighting and that to me is definitely the key to victory. Other than that I think I possess all the skills to beat her, I think I just need to calm down a little bit and not go grabbing a hold of her and letting her just launch me into an armbar again. It was just really stupid.Ē

ďI also need to stop the judo. I mean thatís another part of it. If she goes out there and throws me and she canít armbar me, thatís a big part of the fight too. Thatís what Iím going to do from now until December 28, itís going to be an anti-judo camp.Ē

ďItís never too early to train and practice that gameplan over and over and over," said Tate. "Iím going to beat it into my skull if I have to. Swear to God, sheís not going to armbar me if itís the last thing I do.Ē

ďI will seriously shoot myself in the face before I leave that cage if she armbars me again. It canít happen."