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Something tells me that it was the athletic commission and not the ref making the decision. I'm quite certain that if the illegal blow ends the fight in Nevada for example the deciding factor between a DQ and a NC is the intent. As far as I know there has never been a UFC fight in Nevada go to a technical decision. New Jersey on the other hand seems that if the illegal blow finishes the fight past the second round it goes to a technical decision for some strange reason. I'm with you though. If a fighter throws and illegal blow and it finishes the fight, that fighter should not be awarded a victory no matter how the fight had gone up to that point.
While I agree with you I want to play devil's advocate a little bit. Why should the fighter who has won say 2 rounds already lose the fight because of an inadvertent blow that happens to be illegal. That fighter has already put in the work to win 2 rounds and made what is most likely a mistake and now they must lose?

So I agree, said fighter that throws the illegal blow that finishes the fight should at minimum wind up with a no contest. Tough call though based on some of these finishes where the fighter that has been finished has moved their head or put a hand on mat etc.