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Thread: Uriah Hall "cracked" Mayhem at BAMMA?

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    I can't possibly agree with a sports league condoning the breaking of the law through offering the offender a monetary incentive for doing so. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty positive that is at the minimum some opening the UFC up for civil liability if a suit is filed. Offering to pay for his legal defense- I'm all for it.

    Mayhem is in crisis and is a prime candidate to eat a Glock sandwich judging by his public antics and bizarre rants. I just hope it's all an act and he can somehow clear his mind of the demons he possesses.
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    Uriah Hall Tells His Side of the Story on Recent Scuffle with Mayhem Miller
    Hall, however, told how things occurred from his perspective.

    Hall attended the BAMMA USA event to support fellow Reign MMA fighter Rachael Cummins. He was approached by the promoters to go into the ring and be recognized alongside other celebrities in attendance. This included Miller.

    As he was making his way to the ring, he came up to a group of Reign MMA’s athletes who were huddled around a female.

    “It was like they were protecting her,” Hall recalled. Uriah approached to check on the situation, and that is when Mayhem made his presence known.

    “Initially, I saw a big bald-headed dude. Then it hit me that it was Mayhem Miller. I was a little star struck, at first,” said Hall. “He was yelling at me though, and wanted to talk to the girl. I guess it was his ex. I tried to stay calm and just diffuse things. I was still kind of shocked that it was all happening.”

    The yelling from Miller attracted the attention of several onlookers, including security guards. Hall said that once security got there, Miller’s aggression escalated. As a video put out by’s Spencer Lazara shows, Mayhem continued to yelling, getting more aggressive in his tone, which led to the eventual swing from Hall.

    “I think I just barely clipped him,” he recalled.

    Security quickly removed both Hall and Miller from the event floor, but it didn’t end at that point. Hall admitted to later looking for Miller in the casino, until his anger subsided. He later apologized to security. Meanwhile, Miller took to his phone tweeting and texting more racially charged comments to Hall.

    “I don’t know how he got my number,” said Hall. “I asked and his response was, ‘I am Mayhem Miller, I know everything.’”

    Hall was back in training Saturday morning, and considered the incident to be behind him. He says genuinely, “I feel sorry for him. I hope he gets the help that he needs before it gets worse.”

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    Jason 'Mayhem' Miller apologizes to Uriah Hall

    It took a while, and in the end it was pretty much unnecessary because he had already been forgiven, but Jason "Mayhem" Miller has offered an apology to Uriah Hall.

    If you're unfamiliar with why Miller felt the need to extend an olive branch to Hall, we need to go back to the night of October 25. The location was the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California. Hall was attending BAMMA USA's Badbeat 11 event as the casino as a show of support for his Reign MMA teammate Rachael Cummins, who was fighting on the card.

    Hall, speaking to MMAWeekly, said that he had been approached by the promotion to step into the cage along with some other fighters that were in attendance that night. As Hall made his way toward the cage, he came across a group of fighters that looked to be protecting a woman. That's when Miller came upon the scene and started to raise his voice at Hall.

    Miller then repeatedly used a racial slur while yelling at Hall. Hall reacted to Miller's words by taking a swing at Miller before the two were separated by security. The incident was caught on video.

    Miller recently sent the following tweet, informing his followers that he had apologized to Hall in private, before offering a more public apology:

    j ✔ @mayhemmiller

    Although i have done so privately, I would like to publicly apologize to @UriahHallMMA for my ghetto behavior. I am sorry and wish you luck.
    4:37 PM - 15 Nov 2013
    all, responded with a tweet of his own:

    uriah hall ✔ @UriahHallMMA

    @mayhemmiller it's all good homie already forgave ya keep ya head up
    8:45 PM - 15 Nov 2013
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