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Thread: Hendricks' goal is to put GSP away with his right hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qball1974 View Post
    When you look at their two common opponents Johny lost IMO where GSP beat the tar out of them. GSP have fought five rounds forever Johny hasn't once yet and fades by 3 rounds.. Outside the "lucky" punch Johny's in for a looooonnng night.
    While I agree with your overall points (The question mark over whether Hendricks can go five hard rounds and GSP's striking skill having the potential to make Hendricks have a miserable night) I am wondering how you had Condit over Hendricks?

    Condit is my favourite fighter and I thought he won the last round but that fight was 29-28 to Hendricks all day - and a decent argument could be made for 30-27. You don't win a decision by shipping 12 takedowns in 15 minutes.

    I'd take Condit in a 5 round rematch though.

    As for Hendricks vs. GSP, GSP has faced power punchers and fantastic wrestlers before and not been too troubled. Hendricks however has not faced anyone as defensively sound as GSP, and I think that will be the difference in this fight.

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    Big GSP Fan, a little worried about the fight with Hendricks. But then again I was worried when he fought a lot of guys.

    Johnny biggest weapons IMO is his wrestling, power and confidence. I think a lot of guys who fought GSP knew they were going to lose before the fight, but I think Hendricks truly does believe he's going to win which makes him dangerous.

    GSP is for sure the more technical fighter but if Johnny lands the right hand and hurts GSP he could win. That's actually the only way I can see him winning. I think if it goes 5 rounds GSP's superior skillset will shine and he will take over the fight at some point.

    As good as Johnny is with his wrestling, I still don't think it's going to be enough to out wrestle GSP. He will probably stuff a lot more of GSPs take downs than people are used to though, that would not surprise me at all. In the end though I think GSP will have gotten more take downs and done better in the grappling if it goes there.

    Striking, Hendricks needs to land early 1st or 2nd round and hurt GSP or finish him otherwise I see GSP picking Hendricks apart. He has more tools.

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