All three of Manuwa's UFC fights have come in his home country of England. But now that he continues to impress his bosses, he may be doing some traveling for his next fight.

"During the fight, I was texting with Joe Silva," White said at the post-event news conference. "I said, "It's time to take this kid to the next level – get him over fighting in the United States and get him in a big fight with somebody.' I don't know who."

For his part, Jimmo said he doesn't care who he fights.

"I don't turn down fights. I don't back down or anything," he said.

Much of the first round was spent contested on the fence, with Jimmo clinching him up and trying to keep his power at bay.

But when Manuwa was loose, he was throwing bombs, as he has become known for.

"The fight went how I thought it'd go," Manuwa said. "I knew he was a tough opponent. He's strong, but I had his number. It was just a matter of time before I caught him. My training went really well, and I felt great in the fight – ready for anything."

White said Manuwa was not quite ready to be talked about in title contention just yet in the light heavyweight division. But it might be safe to say that Manuwa's next fight will be against an opponent that could get him there quickly.

"After you break into the top five (you start to get into title contention)," White said. "But in this sport, anything could happen. We've been doing guys in the top eight or top nine who get big fights. So anything could happen."