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Thread: Lyoto Machida did a fantastic thing for MMA this Saturday

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonesKnows View Post
    Jones in the same boat as Palhares...really??
    ...are you really questioning what I just said?

    Countless illegal blows throughout his UFC tenure. Completely reckless strikes. Illegal knees, illegal kicks, illegal elbows. What a sportsman.

    Kicking people in the knee straight on in order to injury them to stop the fight. What a sportsman.

    Dropping Quinton Jackson on his head and face between rounds. What a sportsman.

    Dropping an unconcious Lyoto Machida on his face. What a sportsman.

    Oh, and you know...Jon Jones took it upon himself to take a joy ride in his car with passengers while drunk. He endangered their lives and anyone else on the road. What a caring guy. A guy who really cares about the wellbeing of others. Endangering the lives of others? No big deal.

    So yes, really...REALLY...If you think for one second that Jon Jones gives a single fuck about the safety or well being of others, then you, sir, are delusional. Palhares is a model UFC employee in comparison to Jon Jones in and out of the octagon.

    Jon Jones is a scumbag. And that's not fighter bashing in the slightest. He's an amazing fighter. But, he's also a shitty person.
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