Hereís what he had to say on Belfort, Fight for the Troops and training at Jacksonís MMA:

The Importance of Fight For the Troops Cards

What theyíre doing here is truly priceless. Even though itís being broadcasted on FOX and millions of people can see it, thereís a purpose and intent behind it, and itís to do something for the troops. You canít really put a value to that. Thereís this crazy, energetic, violent energy at these events, where guys really want to put on a show for the troops. Youíre gonna have one of the better cards of the year, just for the fact that weíre fighting for an audience of warriors, and we want to give them what they deserve, which is good fights.

Fight Card Promotion

You know, Iím going out there, Iím doing everything I canÖfight camp, starving, pain, blood, sweat and tears, altitude, desert and all the horrible things that go with getting ready for a fight; Iím doing my part. Itís always great when the organization does their best to push you as a fighter.

Iím in the main event and I have nothing but great things to say about being in that position, so I guess now the responsibility is on me to provide them with the incentive to promote me more in the future.

Belfort & TRT

He doesnít have an exemption because he failed an anabolic steroid test, so the athletic commissions wonít give him a TUE because he failed a previous test. Thatís why he medically needs it, because he used anabolic steroids, and he got caught for it. Now he needs TRT and nobody will give him that exemption because he used steroids.

The Tweet

Tim Kennedy ✔ @TimKennedyMMA

I have decided to stop using TRT for my title shot... Oh wait.... Never mind. I never cheated in the first place.
1:14 PM - 1 Nov 2013

ing skills, Nick Diazí marijuana use and bicycling. You make fun of everything; Alistair Overeemís testosterone use and horsemeat. You find things that are dear to their heart and you mock them [laughs].

Marijuana As A PED

Iíll fight anybody thatís high, I donít care. Iíve never smoked marijuana, so I canít personally speak to how it feels, but I have no inhibitions about fighting someone that is using marijuana as a performance enhancer because itís not a performance enhancer. Maybe it makes them calm down a little bit in the fight, and some people might benefit from that, but really, itís a depressant. All my friends that smoke weed want to eat and go to sleep. I would love to fight people that have those type of chemical reactions to their PEDs [laughs]. If theyíre thinking about food, maybe finding a bag of Cheetohís and a nice comfortable couch, instead of thinking about punching me in the face.

Weight Cut (Interview conducted this past Saturday afternoon)

My healthy, happy walking around weight is 220. Right now I am 196 pounds, and Iím eating a terrible chicken salad. Over the last 6-8 weeks, Iíve had about 25 pounds burned off me, and now I have 10 pounds to go for weigh-ins on Tuesday. If I have to eat one more goddamned salad, Iím gonna blow up Austin [laughs].