I follow Alessio on Facebook, but have to get things translated as he writes in Italian. He posted a long message which I had translated to me. It says he's struggling with the weight cut to MW and doesn't think he can compete at LHW. He is contemplating retiring but taking some time to think about it.

*10 kg=22 pounds or so.

It's difficult to answer everyone that wrote me in the days after the match. I'd like to answer everyone, but you're too much. What I write it's for all you. After my last match I feel destroyed, unhappy. It happens when I undestand that my train and my hardwork for a few moths are not enough, and I don't have the results I hope. I rtain a lot for this match, I've been training up to the limit like everytime. This work theaches me, every day, that only hardwork and sacrifice a part of my life I can obtain good results. I agree sacrifice because I love my work and I love fighting.

But sometimes, although my hard rules abouth weight that aren't good for my health (Alessio Sakara lost more or less 10kg for his matches). I love and i respect my work, but right now I don't know if I can be a competitive fighter like I'd like to be in 84kg, but I know I can't be a competitive fighter in 93 kg in the UFC. These are the reasons because, when I finished the last match, I gave my uncle Marcone (Marcone = big Marco) everything. I was very angry about an unequivocal awareness. I'll never stop to fight, but I need sometime to understand...

Alessio Sakara