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Thread: Lyoto Machida: 'Vitor Belfort is the best option for me right now'

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    I still can't decide who I favor in Vitor's fight with Hendo. Either way, Machida vs. Vitor would be very interesting. I'm still waiting to see who Mousassi comes back against, Mousassi vs Vitor would be another amazing match up.

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    Machida camp doubtful Belfort will accept fight

    According to Ariel Helwani, Machida's manager Jorge Guimaraes believes the match-up won't take place, simply because Belfort won't accept the fight.

    Belfort has turned down fights in the past, with the most recent example being a proposed match-up against Tim Kennedy. It's largely the reason he's fighting Henderson at light heavyweight, as Belfort voiced hesitance about relinquishing his status as No. 1 middleweight contender, much to the displeasure of UFC President Dana White, who recently said that the Brazilian "drives me crazy."

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    Yeah, I was really thinking that despite the potential awesomeness of this matchup, I think Vitor will be avoiding this fight like the plague. Thing is, if Anderson regains, Vitor's gonna probably have to take another fight and the two main match ups would be Machida or Jacare, two fights I don't think he's all too interested in taking. If he sits out, there's major potential that Jacare or Machida gets another impressive win and leapfrogs him, since they're new challengers.

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    I will go ahead and say that Vitor would win this. No clue why, just a feeling.
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