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im not sure what those rules were in that match.. it seems like freestyle but its not current rules (each round is separate and you have to win 2 rounds or pin.. and whats up with the break between rounds??) and demolish?? I know there were a lot of points but that's normal in freestyle where you only have to expose the back.. Ben clearly won but he was taken down a couple times and lost his position a few times...

GSP seems much more explosive with his takedowns plus he is able to set them up with strikes so this didn't really instill a lot of confidence for me for the fight vs GSP

side note im happy that wrestling is doing stuff like this though... it was always the problem with wrestling is that it didn't have an end game outside of the Olympics so stuff like the PPV really helps keep wrestling alive
i've always thought they get get people to watch it in a freestyle tournament on ESPN

Any how i think there were "international freestyle wrestling rules"