Seems like the last 2 fights with Cain have caused JDS to lose some brain cells, and a 4th fight would just make him lose a chromosome.

I have respect for JDS, fighter and person, and always found him to be a classy guy, but it seems like after both loses to Cain, he has a hard time giving him any credit for savagely beating him. His comments are typical for a standup fighter, "he didnt standup with me in the middle of the cage, and throw wild punches for a brawl, which would have favored me with the outcome. Instead he used a strategy, which incorporated his strengths, and beat me."

Now we all know anything can happen in a MMA fight, but judging from the last 2 fights, the healthier Cain comes into a fight, the less chances for JDS to win. If a 4th fight were to happen, and it was the same exact result, I think it would be safe to say that JDS KO win over Cain was a fluke, only in the sense that Cain came into the fight with a knee injury, hindering his mobility.