I'm going to have to disagree with the Velasquez bandwagon.

In no way am I saying Cain wasn't dominant in both wins, and in no way am I saying that he's not a better, more skilled fighter than JDS.

But I don't see him as being on a completely different level than JDS, I don't think the first fight can be dismissed as a fluke because of Cain's knee, and I think anyone who thinks Cain is just going to walk through JDS's best punches isn't watching the same fight I saw.

Cain is a better fighter because he's adapted more. He's always been a more complete fighter, but he's come back from the loss much more focused and brought more to the table. JDS is trying to beat Cain with a strategy Cain figured out almost two years ago. He's literally not doing anything different. But he's got the power and the skill to beat Cain, if he can employ a better plan. He rocked him twice in the first, but didn't look to follow or to create distance after either shot--he allowed Cain to clinch and recover. Note: clinching and recovering is NOT "walking through" punches. Not even close. Cain may have walked through some shots later in the bout, but bear in mind that JDS doesn't remember anything beyond the second round. That's going to impact his the effectiveness of his striking a bit.

Right now, if they fight 10 times, Cain wins 7, maybe even 8, in my opinion. If JDS looked for a change of camp, or brought in someone to help him create distance and bring some fluidity to his transitions and have him mix up his striking more instead of a pure-boxing stance, those odds get dramatically closer, and I'd love to see those fights. At a distance, JDS was great for the two rounds he can actually remember. The problem is without a dramatic improvement in Dos Santos' game, Cain isn't going to allow Dos Santos to fight him at striking distance.

I think that's what JDS is trying to say, albeit much whinier and more clumsily.

I think Cain is amazing--and there is no denying he's better than Dos Santos [and isn't a whiner, to boot]--but some of the stuff posted on here is a little rose-colored. JDS doesn't have to hit him behind the ear. The headkick that KO'd Hunt? That would do it.