On Taking the fight with Josh Thomson so fast.
的 wanted to stay busy. My body is feeling good. I felt like that I am ready to go. My biggest thing is staying active.

Brawling like Melendez vs. Sanchez
典hat痴 not my fight. You値l never see Anthony Pettis in a fight like that. I知 too intelligent, too skilled, and too versatile to be standing with someone toe-to-toe. It was pretty entertaining, though, and the fans love it it痴 just not really my style. Melendez is a great fighter and I知 sure we池e going to fight in the future. It was a very entertaining fight with Diego and Melendez but like I said, it痴 not my style. You池e never going to see me in a match like that. Too much skill and talent to be caught up in a brawling match I知 not saying I won稚 get into an exchange, that痴 just not my style to get hit like that. If you watch my fights, I致e gotten hit once or twice out of my whole career. It痴 not that I can稚 take it, it痴 just that I don稚 need to get hit. Why get hit in the face when I can hit you before you hit me? I知 not afraid to get into an exchange but I have an intelligent fight style and I think Josh is going to have a problem with it and anybody in the 155, 145 is going to have a problem with my fight style.

On Melendez declaring himself the 爽ncrowned champ
的 can稚 wait to get through Josh Thomson and fight Gilbert Melendez. The fans know what痴 up. The real fans that saw his fight with Henderson and saw my fight with Henderson, they know who the champ is. It took me four minutes to finish him and he couldn稚 finish him in 25 (minutes).

Aldo going after Pettis
的 love it. I have people talking and it痴 a good thing. You have all of these potentially great fights and my name is a part of all of them. When I知 doing my job right, the fans want to see me fight. Jose Aldo is a great fighter. I致e never had any beef with Jose Aldo it痴 just that he is one of the best in the world and I知 one of the best in the world and let痴 find who the best is.

Where His Confidence Comes From
摘verything I致e done in my life and the things that I致e been through, the amount of time that I spend in the gym, the sacrifices I make to be where I知 at, I better be confident. I better be thinking that I知 the best in the world or why am I even doing this job. I can do other jobs and make decent money without sacrificing my body.

Backing it up
的知 not a big talker. I don稚 talk much about my opponents. I respect every It takes a certain type of person to be a professional MMA fighter and not only a professional but at the highest level. Some people can mistake my confidence for cockiness but they walk hand in hand. For me, I perform. That痴 what I like to do. I like to go out there and show that I知 better than these guys and prove that I知 better than these guys because I dream it every night. I go to sleep dreaming this. This is all I ever wanted to be, a UFC champ and I don稚 plan on letting that thing go anytime soon.

Little brother
的知 actually very proud of my brother making it to the UFC. It痴 something we致e been training for ever since we started this thing, he was like 13 then and now he痴 20-years-old and making his UFC debut next month, the 20th anniversary show. It痴 kinda ironic that the UFC has been around for 20 years, he just turned 20 last month. It痴 an amazing feeling. I知 very proud I think it痴 a little bit of everything. Me and Sergio grew up in a rough neighborhood but we had a strong mom. She put us in Tae Kwon Do. She was a single parent paying for Tae Kwon Do lessons and paying for us to go to private schools. She sacrificed a lot for us to be where we池e at There are a lot of things involved in making Sergio and Anthony Pettis.

First title defense
典he most dangerous thing about Josh right now is that he doesn稚 have a lot of buzz around his name. When you池e fighting somebody with a lot of buzz, say you get a Jose Aldo, everyone is going to be saying that this is going to be an amazing fight. With this fight, everyone thinks it痴 going to be an amazing fight but I知 not getting the effect of people saying you have a tough fight coming up. Most people are saying that 惣ou aren稚 going to have any problem with Josh Thomson. You池e going to walk right through him. I hate that. I hate it when people tell me that stuff because I don稚 even think that way. It痴 going to be the toughest fight of my life. It痴 my first title defense and I better have a better performance than winning the title. There痴 a lot of pressure on my end to have a good performance and a guy like Josh Thomson , he痴 great everywhere; a great striker, great on the ground, a good wrestling, he doesn稚 really have any holes in his game. He痴 coming off a knockout of Nate Diaz so he has some confidence coming into the fight also. He痴 35-years-old, it痴 his last chance at a title shot, he痴 coming with everything he has and I better be ready for it.

Grind it like Guida?
滴e didn稚 beat me up, he didn稚 submit me, he didn稚 knock me out. He laid on top of me for 15 minutes. If that痴 what they plan on doing, they better be ready to avoid submissions, avoid getting knocked out. Clay Guida definitely woke me up and let me realize that I have to add some more elements to my game. Being athletic and being big and dangerous just isn稚 enough. You have to be intelligent out there. You have to understand the point system, you have to understand everything.