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Thread: Pat Curran On Title-Fight Loss To Daniel Straus: Only Myself To Blame

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    Default Pat Curran On Title-Fight Loss To Daniel Straus: Only Myself To Blame

    Pat Curran didn’t blame the judges, or his corner, or a lack of preparation for his loss to Daniel Straus Saturday at Bellator 106.

    Instead, Curran put the blame on himself entirely following his decision defeat to Straus for the Bellator featherweight title.

    “I have no 1 to blame but myself,” Curran wrote on Twitter. “I know I”m a better fighter then that. Thank you to my team and coaches for bringing me this far.”

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    Rough fight for him, Straus is just big, has unreal cardio and is durable as hell.. Hard guy to beat..

    Curran is an amazing fighter, but he really just got outworked and bullied. I still gave Curran rounds 2 and round 3 was 9-9 in my book but Straus won the fight, clearly..
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    Straus is tough, but I see where Curran is coming from. He didn't get beat up, he just got out worked.

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