Roy Nelson wants a rematch with Cormier

FigthHubTV's Marcos Villegas caught up with Roy Nelson, and discussed his loss to Daniel Cormier at UFC 166 last month. Although Cormier outwrestled Nelson (three takedowns to 0 according to FightMetic) and outstruck him by a 74-17 margin, Nelson feels he was outpointed but did not receive an old school beatdown, and wants a rematch.

"I didn't feel like it was a fight, just a good sparring match," says Big Country. "I was back in the gym on Monday."

"I just got out pointed. It's nothing against Daniel. You know, Daniel - excellent game plan, played it to a tee. I just wish I had two more rounds. That's about it. Daniel won that night, and he was the better guy. I'd definitely like to do a rematch. I'd fight anybody that I ever lost to."