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you're right you must not remember how the division was because at the time when Jones was given the shot the LHW division was considered one of the deepest divisions inside the UFC - now that Jones has cleared a division minus Glover its looked at as one of the weaker divisions in the UFC. How can a fighter be ranked #1 contender when that said contender's highest ranked opponent isnt currently in the top 10 of the division?
when Jones was given the shot, the guys ruling the division were Shogun, Machida, Rashad, Rampage. Forrest was done as a contender. Liddell and WAnderlei Silva were long done as contenders. Hendo, Mousasi, Fejaio were all in the UFC. Bader and Jones were up and comers. Phil Davis and Goose were fresh faces in the UFC. Thiago Silva was nothing more than a middle of the pack fighter. Guys like Hamill, Jardine, V-Mat, Vera were outside of the top 10.

Now it's Jones, Glover, Goose. DC, Davis, and Rashad are 1-2 wins away. Hendo fought 2 close fights which coulda gone either way but he is still 2-3 wins away from a title shot. Machida and Mousasi are MW now. Shogun, Bader are struggling LHW but they are still in the top 10. So I dont know how you say Bader is not in the top 10.