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So is Goose's size his biggest reason for success?

Did the stats have it 88-18? because fightmetric has it as the following; (Somehow I fucked up this quote but oh well)

Those fightmetric stats were completely different from the live stats UFC had during the fight...I still don't know about fightmetric because the stats that were showed live seemed pretty accurate.

But yeah, I also doubt Gus outstruck him 88-18 in the 4th round...that actually sounds pretty far off.

Such a close fight you could call it a draw imo. If Goose had some 5 round experience I wonder if he has enough gas to not take his foot of the pedal and get rocked and lose the 4th round. Now he has that Jones fight under his belt which is huge and hopefully Manuwa at least tests him a bit and takes him to the 4th/5th round of their fight. Then we shall have an epic rematch in the making.

Those stats were 88-18 for the whole fight to that point. And doesn't seem far off when Jones didn't really land much but an elbow here and there or a high kick. In the 5th he landed more frequently. He also landed a good spinning elbow in the 4th but like I said, he didn't do much as far as turning up the offense. For most oblique and front kicks he was eating counter straights till Gus started slowing down.

Call it what you want. His first fight against a guy his height with a 76.5" reach and he was getting punked ( Gus reach did not miraculously grow 2.5" for the fight).