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Are you kidding me?!?! Chael was THE ONE who stepped up on short notice before anyone else and Jones did the one thing i will never personally get over and that is refuse the fight AS THE CHAMPION. By doing that, it absolutely made Chael deserving of the fight.

If you will "let the Vitor fight slide" how can you not say the same about Chael
Chael did step up and Jones refused. Chael was also coming off a loss to Silva. Vitor was at least on a 2 fight winning streak. I believe Chris Weidman also stepped up to fight Jones, and even he would have been a better candidate than Sonnen for a shot. But you have to think why the UFC and Jon Jones would give Vitor 2 weeks to prepare for a shot, yet give Chael months to prepare, and also giving both guys coaching gigs to further promote the fight. It was all about the money.

The whole matchup from the time it was announced to the end of the fight was the most shameful joke in UFC history, and sadly it involved Jones. He gave a guy an undeserved title shot, after repeating in interviews that he would never give Sonnen a shot at the LHW title while coming off a loss.