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Thread: Jones claims 'Lil Nog' was booked to give 'Mauler' easy fight while protecting rematc

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMA4EVERRR View Post
    Chael Sonnen comes to mind. I'm gonna let him slide on fighting Vitor since Vitor was the one who stepped up on short notice to take the fight, but to give a undeserved title shot to a MW challenger like Sonnen kinda made Jones lose a lot of credibility, considering he vowed to never give Sonnen a shot.
    It was Zuffa's decision -- not Jones. You very well know that. MMA is a business that runs on money and Zuffa capitalized on Sonnen's popularity. Guess what? It worked.

    North American culture values popularity above credibility. Just look at what's around you next time you are at the grocery store checkout.
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