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Let's talk about Kimbo. Let's talk about Uriah Hall publicly blasting the creative editing.

It's not like I'm making this stuff up. Many fighters have come forward and talked about the "creative editing" on TUF geared to make some look good and others look bad.

As if it's still up for discussion, the fact is that Brookins was under a contract, signed by him, for sole promotion under Bellator. During that time, he was offered fights, and declined while competing and being PROMOTED on TUF. This isn't hard.

Moreover, didn't Bellator simply allow Lombard to walk when they could have tangled him up? Haven't they consistently let guys compete on local/regional cards when they didn't have a spot for them so they could make some extra cash? It's only when they go under a national banner like WSOF or UFC that the fangs have come out.

I still haven't seen the evidence that he was this huge scumbag others have attested to and I'm honestly open-minded about it.
Not arguing that the show isnt edit. It really much is. It's a common fact, backed up by many fighters.
But My comment was to show that while the show is edited to make certain fighters look good or bad, some fighters are portrayed exactly as who they are, as evidenced by someone like Browning, who was a nutcase even after the show. By your comments, it sounded like Brookins was not a 'nice guy' but was portrayed by that way due to the editing of the show.

In any sport, all the contract talks get ugly, and in the end fighters are looking out for their well being. IF Brookins did in fact go against his Bellator contract because it was not working out for him or whatever the case, you can't hold that against him and say his personality was flawed.