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Thread: Shane Carwin is 'Itching' to fight

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    Default Shane Carwin is 'Itching' to fight

    Retired UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin, 38, recently responded to some fan queries on Twitter about what the sport looks like from the outside.

    George Thoupi ‏@GeorgeUFCFan33
    Hey Shane, If Brock Lesnar was in the UFC and you could fight him again, would you? And what would you change in your gameplan?

    Shane Carwin ‏@ShaneCarwin
    Dream come true! I knock him down and say get up bitch and knock him down again...and again...and again. @GeorgeUFCFan33

    Stephan Khan ‏@FlexMastaSteph
    how's retirement big man?

    Shane Carwin ‏@ShaneCarwin
    I'm itching to fight, can't stand it

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    I'm all for it. I always love watching him hurt people.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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    Shane has some of the nastiest KO power ever

    Those mini nukes he calls hands, can put anyone down for a nap.
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    Bad news for Shane that Applied Pharmacy Services is out of business.

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    I'm wondering what type of shape he would potentially be in when you factor in his age, layoff and injury?

    The problem for me with booking Carwin if he were to come back, is that outside of his relatively middle-of-the-road name value(probably good to main event one of the MANY FS1 cards), he's not going to be a sustainable presence at HW, and since it is so lacking in depth, there's potential that Carwin comes back for one fight, KO's a top ten fighter like Bigfoot or Overeer(I'm assuming he mercs Mir here) and then cannot stay healthy and goes back on the shelf for another long layoff or retirement.

    I'm not so certain he could even make it through a training camp, which again puts the UFC in a predicament if they were to book him in a TV main or a PPV co-main, and he drops out three weeks from the card.

    The only way I think Carwin should be used would be in a situation where he gets a younger talent over, like a Miocic or Duffee. I think there's too much risk of him playing spoiler with no payoff if he gets a top 7-ish fighter. I could see Barry, Mitrione or Struve, or maybe even Hunt, but I'm unsure of if he'd be worth putting in a position to KO somebody they have highly ranked and then not being able to make a run forward against top contention for more than one fight.

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