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My opinions are my own. This is obviously a touchy subject to you. I have watched all his fights and I can assure you that these are original opinions of mine. GSP does blanket. He'll go on top and look active according to the rules the way Clay Guida tries to look active on the feet. He doesnt have intentions of finishing his fights out of fear of overcommiting and getting caught in a submission or a ko. So instead, he'll lay his head on his opponents chest and lift it up every now and then so the ref wont stand him and his opponent up. Like it or not, GSP is a boring fighter. The best thing to happen to him lately was fighting Condit (which I can argue is actually persuading your opinion), as Condit is never in a boring fight. My problem with GSP is that I can see he thinks too much in the cage. He was taught to fight rather than developing natural instincts like the bj penns and wanderlei silvas. I choose not to pay for his fights and instead watch it via live stream as my way of not supporting his fighting style. To me, GSP is the Tim Duncan of the NBA. He is so technical, that it comes off as boring. However, Just because I think its boring, doesnt mean I dont appreciate it. He does what he has to to not lose.

Was this post original enough for you? Or did I rely on hearsay and jokers to formulate my thoughts again.... ?
No! It was not. Try again sir.

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