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Thread: Report: Velasquez vs. Werdum at UFC 172 in Mexico City on April 19 or 26

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    It looks like Werdum won't be far a Dana is concerned

    Dana White: Fabricio Werdum will fight winner of UFC 168 bout Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne

    As reported earlier today, UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is on the shelf for a while after undergoing the second shoulder surgery of his career. Fabricio Werdum was slated to face him and stated that he'd prefer to wait for the chance to fight for the title. UFC president Dana White appears to have other ideas.

    Speaking with Fox Sports following the UFC on Fox 9 pre-fight press conference, White said definitively that Werdum will be fighting before Cain returns:

    "I met with (Fabricio) Werdum yesterday or the day before - he's going to fight the winner of Travis Browne and Josh Barnett," UFC president Dana White told FOX Sports on Thursday. "Waiting is ridiculous."

    "I'm not interested in him waiting, he's going to fight. Because it gets to a point where it's been so long since he fought nobody gives a s—t. You start to disappear and nobody cares and they start talking about other heavyweights and it's like 'why is this guy getting a shot when he hasn't even fought?' so we're going to push him to fight."
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    I got $5 that says it'll be for an interim title.
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    if Werdum waits that puts him out for over a year, its no reason he cant fight someone else

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    I think Werdum is fortunate to have the opportunities he's taken advantage of. His stock rose highly after beating Fedor, and I imagine his grappling school does well enough for him to see a bit of profit off of it. Combine that with commentating duties and he may be doing well enough for himself that he doesn't have to fight three or four times a year. I'd certainly worry about "cage rust " but if Velasquez takes his time healing his shoulder, then it probably wouldn't be much of an issue. If he takes a fight with the Barnett/Browne winner, he'll potentially have an edge in keeping his skills battle-ready. Few things, if any, can successfully duplicate the actual fight. I'd love to see him fight again sooner rather than later, but if he's able to wait and get a title shot I wouldn't blame him.

    Of course there's always potential for him to be injured, like Velasquez and countless others before him. That's what comes with it being such a physical sport though.
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