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So the champion needs to go fight a person who is A) not in her weight class B) not in the UFC and c) did i mention she isnt even in the UFC?

Makes sense i guess?
Cyborg fights in Invicta. Same organization where almost all of the female fighters in the UFC hail from. Invicta and UFC have a mutual relationship where they share the female fighters. So although she isnt in the UFC, she can easily be there too. I understand she fights at 145lb and the UFC doesnt have that division, but given how much there was superfight talks of GSP/Silva/Jones, and the only way those fights would work was requiring the smaller fighter to step UP in weight (GSP to MW to fight Silva, and Silva to LHW to fight Jones), it's kinda contradictory with the Ronda/Cyborg situation that everyone is pressuring Cyborg to move DOWN in weight, rather than Ronda moving UP, given that Ronda was fighting at 145lb at one time.

And although people like to counter argue that Ronda is the UFC WOMEN BW CHAMP and Cyborg isnt, she (Cyborg) is still the INVICTA FW CHAMP, which to me holds the same value.