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Superfight or not, there was also talks of both GSP and AS meeting at a catchweight if im not mistaken but once again why should the UFC champion be forced to meet the demands of a girl who is not a champion. Im sorry, holding the Invicta championship means no more than having a plastic toy belt from walmart - its not the UFC belt.

Arguably the dumbest thing said. The women's UFC belt has no history. Ronda achieved it by beating Liz Carmouche. The women's Strikeforce belts hold more meaning than the UFC Women's BW belt at this point, as they were defended more. Invicta is the only exclusive women's organization, where pretty much every female fighting in the UFC also fights. Cyborg beat Coenen for the title, who beat Carmouche back in SF. Cyborg's win over Coenen more impressive than Ronda's win over Carmouche.

What's next? Being Pride champion means nothing cause it is no longer exists?