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Thread: Lamas: Aldo won't be able to coast in this dog fight

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    Default Lamas: Aldo won't be able to coast in this dog fight

    Ricardo Lamas earned his UFC featherweight title shot by winning his first four fights in the UFC after coming over the WEC. With the bout announced for February, Lamas recently spoke with about the tough fight ahead of him:

    ďHe doesnít have too many holes in his game, you know, heís the champ for a reason, he doesnít make very many mistakes. But I think the thing that everyone has to realize is that Jose Aldo is human just like everybody else. You know heís going to make mistakes in there. I think the guys that have fought him lost the fight before, you know, even stepping into the octagon, mentally. And Iíve also seen, kind of, Jose Aldo in the latter rounds kind of coast through the fight and do just enough to win the round and to win the fight. And you know against me, Iím not going to let him do that, Iím going to have to put pressure on him the whole, all five rounds and just make it a dirty ugly fight man, just a dog fightĒ.

    Lamas plans on focusing on what he needs to do, not on the highlight reel that is Jose Aldo,

    ďAldo punches hard, he kicks hard, I know that, Iím expecting it, I know heís going to hit me hard and kick me hard. But Iím going to keep coming forward, Iím going to take everything he throws at me and try to give it back to him. I think thatís what you really have to do. You canít give him space, you canít let him implement his style of fighting, you canít let him come forward on you. Youíve got to go forward on him youíve got to back him upĒ.

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    Interesting because Hominick BROUGHT it in the 5th round so Aldo has been pushed. I'm glad this fight is scheduled to happen.
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    I hope it's a good fight and I think it will be. I'm picturing either a first round KO for Aldo or a tough 5 round war. I think Lamas has potential to be one of Aldos toughest fights but I could be way off on that one.

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    I just don't see how Lamas has any chance at all to win this. Aldo is just to good at everything. I'm looking forward to possible matchups with Penn, Mendes and any of the top LWs.

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