Going into this fight, I knew that Hendo had slowed down quite a bit and accepted the fact that Vitor might serve him his first T/KO defeat. But I never imaged it would happen so fast and so brutally. At first look, I too thought it may have been an early stoppage, but upon seeing the replay it was clear that Hendo was done. That uppercut crushed him, and the head kick laid him out flat.

Right now I'm providing psychological counseling to my friend, a huge Hendo fan, who introduced me to the sport of MMA 7 years ago. I think this is the end of Hendo. I can't see how he and Zuffa can come to terms on a contract that satisfies the interests of both parties. For some reason anticipate Dan signing with Bellator and having a rematch with Quinton. This seems like the most likely option.

As for Vitor, Dana talks about the "travesty" of Vitor being denied a TRT exemption/fight license in the US and keeps preaching about Vitor having no problem getting fight clearance in the US. But that's total BS, and it seems that Vitor's refusal to fight Machida and Kennedy will work in his favor. Now it will be other guys refusing to fight him in Brazil, but we all know the UFC will keep having him headline fight cards in Brazil. They will put huge pressure on the winner of the Silva/Weidman rematch to fight Belfort in Brazil. Vitor never comes back to the US.