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Thread: Official UFC Fight Night: Belfort vs Henderson

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimerules28 View Post
    Thats what a grade 8 little boy says when he picks a fight, realizes hes gonna get his ass handed to him, then tries to save even just a tiny bit of face by bitching out of the fight. (comma splice/modifier/failure to use parenthetical comma)

    Trt = steroids
    If you disagree or have sum lame bullshit excuse like, "they monitor the roids theyre putting in his body", you're an idiot. (fused sentence and comma splice in one sentence)
    Re-read your posts and then compare your English skills to that of Mickey.

    Who's the idiot?

    Small minds have small-minded opinions. Medical treatments?! No way! That's unpossible!

    I picture you as a witless John Bender.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Hard to defend a known juicehead who chokes all his big fights away while being hidden away in a country with a suspect athletic commission.
    Fighting against Dan Henderson would be, what I consider, a "big fight".
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