Look, we'll be on the merry-go-round until we get blue in the face about this subject.

My whole purpose was to point out that certain fighters seem to get passes for their transgressions while others aren't. I'm sure this stems from personalities and how the people on these forums view any given fighter.

TRT is and will be a hotly debated subject moving forward in MMA and any other sport. Where the line is drawn, what is legal, what isn't legal, etc.

All I know is what I see with my own eyes. Vitor has been busted once for steroids. Not elevated testosterone levels or anything like that. Steroids. He comes in to the UFC and has the body of a fantasy football player. Within a year and half (all the while rehabbing an injury), Vitor comes in looking like he did at the age of 19. At the same time of this big run, he hasn't stepped foot out of Brazil.

All of these to me are red flags. I guess I'm just shocked after reading all the comments following Chael Sonnen and UFC 117, to see the same people saying "Oh just forget it." "It's no big deal!" "Hey it's not the TRT, it's his fists."

That isn't consistent.