At the post-fight press conference following the event, UFC president Dana White confirmed Belfort is next in line for a shot at the Middleweight title 'barring something crazy', of course. At the media scrum later that night, White was asked about a hypothetical issue of Belfort possibly being unable to fight in the US, namely under the NSAC in Nevada:

That's not true, that's completely not true. There's no reason Vitor Belfort can't fight in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the United States. Vitor Belfort has not been abusing TRT. In a million fucking years, I'd never let that happen.

Belfort revealed a couple weeks ago that he's been using TRT for three years now. He's been granted exemptions by the Brazilian commissions for his three fights this year as well. His use of the treatment is seen as more controversial than other TRT users because of a failed drug test fro 4-hydroxytestosterone in 2006. That failed test caused NSAC director Keith Kizer to say his commission probably wouldn't grant Belfort an exemption if he fights again in Nevada.

White obviously disagrees with Kizer, but there's no telling if that will be an issue yet. First, Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman have to rematch for the title at UFC 168. After that, the UFC will have to decide when and where they want the winner to face Belfort.