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I also agree that it is a big IF regarding Belfort. I've been skeptical about Belfort's TRT use and personally am erring towards abuse and think that he isn't going to release the results at all unless he's obligated to. I would be surprised if that doesn't come positive. If it is negative, it's a shame that his public image has been tarnished quite a bit if in fact it was for medical use. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
I'm skeptical as well. I think it's overwhelmingly likely that he's abusing. But MMA journalism--which has always sucked--has gone well beyond simple speculation. I'm a bit staggered that I'm the only person to bring up the role that Priscila may have played in his transformation--I'm the farthest thing from a professional writer, I'm not even a hack journalist, I'm a hack admin on a fucking chat board, and all it would have taken was an open mind, an understanding of MMA from 2006 onward, and some internet fact checking that took me less than 10 minutes.

I'm not even saying Priscila explains it all. I'm not even saying anything close to that. I'm admitting it's likely that he's abusing.

But when the mainstream tide turns against someone so utterly, and when there are such obvious flaws in their reasoning, more often than not, part of me is going to be pulling for the underdog.

Particularly when you see Vitor excoriated so severely on pure speculation, while sonnen--an admitted, proven abuser--gets a pass. I'll never be able to get my head around that. That's just really bad journalism, there.