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Thread: Mentor: GSP should retire in the cage Saturday night, and might

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    White predicts Rory MacDonald will leave Tristar, fight GSP

    "[MacDonald] will fight Georges St-Pierre," said White. "I know it, you know it, everybody knows it."

    "This is my prediction. I think if he beats Robbie Lawler, he's going to move out of Georges' house, and I think things are going to change. I think this is the fight for him that's going to put him in the direction of fighting GSP. I think if he wins this fight, he's moving out, he's leaving his own place."

    "You can't see that this kid wants to fight Georges St-Pierre? He's living in Georges St-Pierre's house. What you don't do, is you don't say you want to fight this guy. That's like saying I don't want to punch the guy in the face whose house I'm living in."

    "I know Georges St-Pierre. I know what a professional he is, and I know, when has GSP ever not fought someone who deserved to be next? GSP has never been one of those champions who says ‘I don't think this guy deserves to be fighting me.' he says ‘Who's next.'"

    "Out of all the fighters we've had, including Chuck Liddell, who is considered part of my family, nobody has been easier and more professional to work with than Georges St-Pierre."

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    Is Dana unveiling private musings, enticing betrayal with money or being a promoting dick? You decide.

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