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Thread: Razak's 'History of MMA in America'

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    Default Razak's 'History of MMA in America'

    As far as film making goes in the sport of mixed martial arts, Bobby Razak is bar none the leader and trend setter. Razak is responsible for some of the best produced videos in MMA and in 2014 will release a full length documentary chronicling MMA's first twenty hears. Sports Ilustrated's Loretta today released an article about the documentary and a preview of the film and the process to make it:

    In an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, in a climate-controlled vault piled to its ceiling with old beta SP tapes and hard drives, sits over 5,000 hours capturing the history of mixed martial arts.

    This irreplaceable treasure trove of images -- shot and preserved over 17 years by filmmaker Bobby Razak -- could be the largest privately owned MMA footage library in the world. An encapsulation of Razak's collection will be released in 2014 with History Of MMA, a 90-minute feature film that connects the dots between the rise, fall, and second rise of MMA, spanning the humble beginnings of the sport in America to its modern-day success worldwide.

    Through his camera lens, the 40-year-old Razak (pictured above, behind camera) has captured more than 20 promotions in over a dozen countries, including Japan, Brazil and throughout Europe. Razak's footage dates to 1996, when he began filming the underground fighting circuit around Los Angeles, but the documentarian has covered virtually all of the big ones and a lot of the smaller ones as well: the UFC, Pride Fighting Championships (Japan), Cage Rage (England), Cage Wars (Ireland), Bellator MMA and the list goes on.
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    It sounds like some really interesting stuff... will watch it as soon as I have a chance...

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