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Thread: #1 Contender WW after UFC 167?

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    Default #1 Contender WW after UFC 167?

    So I was watching the horror that is FOX Sports Live (IMHO), after TUF tonight. Dana was on there at the start of the show, and he briefly talked about GSP possibly retiring. He said he hadn't heard from GSP directly, and that part of the discussion was GSP stepping aside so Rory could get the title. Blah blah blah, basically the usual talk, when it comes to people suggesting GSP will retire, and nothing nmore. So, it got me thinking...

    Assuming GSP doesn't retire after this Saturday, and wins, who the hell is the #1 contender???

    Current rankings (according to the UFC's site, which we all know doesn't me anything:
    1 Johny Hendricks
    2 Carlos Condit
    3 Rory MacDonald
    4 Jake Ellenberger
    5 Demian Maia
    6 Martin Kampmann
    7 Jake Shields
    8 Matt Brown
    9 Nick Diaz
    10 Robbie Lawler

    Condit lost to GSP, and then to Johny Hendricks in his next fight. Only to rebound, with a TKO against Kampmann. Not to discount Kampmann in any way, but a 1 fight win streak isn't exactly a reason to give him a rematch.

    Rory MacDonald is "#3". He's 15-1, with his only loss being a controversial TKO stoppage to Condit (#2). Obviously, being that he's a training partner to GSP, I don't see him fighting GSP ever. Money talks of course, but realistically I don't see it happening. This is assuming Rory even wins his fight against Robbie Lawler this Saturday.

    Do they go to "#4" Jake Ellenberger? Likely not, since his last fight was a loss to #3 Rory MacDonald (a fight that Dana said he wasn't impressed with tonight on FOX Sports Live).

    So who do you think will fight for the WW title next? Do you think he even defends his title in his next fight (again, assuming he is still champion)?

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    Best case scenario, Brown or Lawler gets the upset win to set up a fight with GSP.

    Other than that, it's nothing but rematches. Which is cool and all, but that's a hard PPV sell.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was GSP's last fight at WW
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    Rory Mac. No doubt. Why even question?!

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    Maia losing opens the door wide open.

    I've said it before, but keep an eye on what they do with Hector Lombard.

    If Rory/GSP is an absolute no-go and both Brown and Lawler lose(since they are major underdogs), I wouldn't be shocked at all if they hotshot a GSP/Lombard bout with the angle that Lombard's bigger, stronger and faster than GSP and GSP won't be able to take him down and has KO know, the usual.

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    They pretty much need Lawler or Brown to pull off the upset to be able to sell a viable contender for the next title match that GSP is willing to fight.

    Better question might be is who fights for the title shot if GSP does retire after winning.

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    As weird as this is to say it actually might be Robbie Lawlor. Never thought I'd be saying that a year ago.

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