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Thread: Gamburyan on TUF, Siver and Cole Miller

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    Default Gamburyan on TUF, Siver and Cole Miller

    TUF 5
    “Injuries happen in the sport and unfortunately it happened to me (in the finale against Nate Diaz). It is what it is. Nate is my boy. He is a great fighter , a great guy, and a great friend. We’re both friends and we train together. It would have been awesome to have won the whole thing to prove a point to Dana that I’m too small for that weight class but I can still fight.”

    TUF 18
    “It was a great experience. I looked at it as not a coach but I was part of the fighters also. I trained with them every single day. I sparred, I wrestled, I did jiu-jitsu, and I did conditioning. I felt like I was part of the fighting crew not the coaching crew. We had a great time and it was a great experience. It was eight talented guys and eight talented girls and it was an honor to be a part of it. I was really blessed.”

    In the middle of the drama
    “(The eyebrow picture) was some shady stuff on their part. It’s a girl thing, you know? You don’t want to get involved or in between Ronda and Miesha. They’re girls, they’re superstars and they’re great fighters. I didn’t want to get involved. That’s girl stuff. But I wanted to be next to her to be a big brother to her and if anything happened I had her back, no doubt.”

    Rousey’s image taking a hit
    “Listen, Ronda is a fighter. People don’t get her. She’s a very emotional fighter. She takes every step very personal. She’s a different kind of girl. Like I’ve said, I never take anything away from any girl fighter. I think the girls are showing that they belong in the UFC. I’m very happy for them. Ronda is being Ronda. She’s not being fake, she’s not being cocky, that’s her, that’s her personality. She’s a fighter. Everything she takes she takes it very seriously. She’s an emotional girl. Hate her or love her, she’s the greatest of all time. The girl trains freakin’ all the time. She’s always trying to improve, she’s always trying to get better on her feet, get better on her jiu-jitsu, her judo, her wrestling, everything. She’s a hard worker. I’ve known her for many, many years, when she was like very young, I’m not going to just be on her side, but the girl is something special. I’m very honored to be partnered with her and being friends with her and I’m looking forward to being with her the rest of my life, off the mat or on the mat. It doesn’t matter … She always said, I could fight. I said please don’t. You have a pretty face, don’t mess it up. I always laugh about it. But now she is proving me wrong.”

    A question for Cole Miller
    “Let me tell you one thing; I don’t know what Cole is thinking. I mean, Cole Miller is a cool guy. I like him. He was on the TUF show with us, he was a cool dude, he was a great athlete, he was a good jiu-jitsu guy. But to be a honest, I just want to ask him a question; what the hell is your problem, dude? He elbowed me in the back of my head twice. It was kinda of pretty bad. They should have taken a point off of him, to be honest. Like I’ve said, it’s not a chess game it’s a fight game. Anything can happen. Let’s be real. I won’t be a sore loser, I promise you. When I lost the Jose Aldo fight I said, you know what, the guy is a beast. I lost fair and square. After I fought Tyson Griffin I never thought I lost the fight. Then after that I fought Diego Nuenes and I never thought I lost that fight either. I should be 4-0 now after the Jose Aldo fight but it is what it is. It’s MMA and its UFC judging, it kinda sucks. To be honest, it’s a new sport. I want to congratulate Dana White and the Fertitta brothers for the 20th anniversary. It’s been many years and they’ve been working hard but to go back to my last fight; fair and square I won that. I’m not looking for a rematch, I’m looking for bigger fights and bigger things.”

    Siver’s solid
    “He’s a top-notch guy. He was a great fighter at 155 and he’s a good fighter at 145 so I’m looking forward to going into battle with the guy. It’s going to be epic. I can’t wait … It’s all up to Dana White, Lorenzo, and the UFC. I take it one fight at a time. I respect my opponents. I don’t care who I fight. There are a lot of good guys out there; Ricardo Lamas, Chad Mendes, Cub Swanson, I would love to fight all of those guys, it doesn’t matter. I just want to take my time and do my homework and finish the fight on Dec. 28th and end the year good and then look for big fights and big names and big wins.”
    Siver at ’45 compared to ‘55
    “It’s not about if you can make the weight it’s about how you feel the next day. You can suffer, you can kill yourself, you can just die to make the weight and then how are you going to perform the next day? It looks like the guy is making the weight and feeling pretty good so from my eye, he’s been the same. I just think he’s lost a little bit of strength but it is what it is. I still believe that he is a good fighter at ’45. He’s dangerous.”
    Judo style
    “Judo is always in the back of my head; tossing people on their head. But knocking people out is a good option also. Like submitting people is another option, TKOing, striking, it’s all where to fight goes. Listen, every time you have a good game plan, sometimes it doesn’t work that way. You always got to have not a game plan but where the fight goes.”


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    Millers elbows were legal strikes at the ear, not in the back of the head. The fight should have been a KO loss for gambuyran. He'll never admit it--I can't think of any fighter who would--but he is 100% wrong there.

    Miller is right to be pissed, Gamburyan got a gift he didn't deserve.

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