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Thread: Akira Corassani: Its Easy to Fall Into The TRT Category With Age

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    Default Akira Corassani: Its Easy to Fall Into The TRT Category With Age

    “In TUF, I had three fights in, I think, 5 weeks and I had three heavy weight cuts within those 5 weeks. I got out of the house and my body was never the same again. I never listened to my body after that, I never took time off.”

    “You’re always kind of pushing it and you keep going with it.

    It’s never 100 percent, it’s always at 70 percent and when you start breaking down it will give you the hint, it will injure you seriously. Your body is not a machine, that’s it. It’s a living creature.”

    Along those same lines, he was asked about TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and how he felt about other fighters having TRT.

    “I think when age comes into factor and people want to continue, it’s very easy to fall into that category.”

    “When you get older obviously they’re 36 or 38 or whatever they’re on something but they’ll admit to it because it legal. I’ll fight anybody because if he’s low on testosterone and I’m not, then it is cool. It comes down to technique man. You can take all the TRT you want. When it comes down to fighting it comes down to the sharpest tool, not big muscles.”

    When speaking about his own fight and about whether he wants to go in and handle business, Corassani made clear that it is all business for him.

    “No fighter wants to actually go in there and fight ‘entertaining’. There are some fighters that just have that style. Every fighter dreams to just come in and the ref says fight and you just do a flying knee and knock the guy out in 3 seconds and the fight’s over. That’s what every fighter wants. But that doesn’t happen very often. Some fighters just have that style that ends up with high entertainment value and some fighters don’t have that. When you get two fighters that have that style, that’s when you end up with fireworks, you know? I’m not trying to fight ‘entertaining.’ There’s probably going to be a little back and forth, but I’m trying to take the guy out as quick as possible.”


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    Yeah in baseball swinging and hitting a ball also comes down to technique.. But guess what you pump some roids and somehow it helps there... Magic? No its science dummy.

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