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Funny, I saw Jon Jones at UFC Gym Long Island on October 12th, about 3 weeks after his fight with Goose.
His face was looking normal, he was walking around normal. Of course, this was just living a normal, everyday life kinda thing, and not training, but I just found it odd that he was spending his time to show up at a gym, that he wasn't even supposed to show up for (the guest fighters to appear were Forrest, Liddell, Penn, Edgar) and spent a few hours for autographs and pictures, when he could have used it to heal. From what I was told, he specifically flew out to NY just to make a unannounced cameo for the gym, and flew right back out the same day.

Far be it for me to judge how one spends their free time, but I just find it odd that he has been traveling a lot lately to make guest appearances when he should take it easy and heal his injuries.
I doubt the travel or walking around a gym is really interfering with his recuperation though.

There's a big difference between doing normal everyday stuff and training for competition.