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Thread: Legend FC ceases operations, several fighters to be transferred to other promotions

  1. Default Legend FC ceases operations, several fighters to be transferred to other promotions

    aving hosted 11 events in various locations such as Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia over the past 3 years, Legend FC was once considered as one of the best promotions in Asia. They have produced stars such as Jumabieke Tuerxun, Jadamba Narantungalag, Yusuke Kawanago, and Bae Myung Ho among others, but as confirmed with sources close to the promotion, Legend FC will indeed be shutting down, and will no longer be hosting MMA events.

    As multiple sources have informed this past week, Peter Chernin's CA Media, which is the part owner and primary investor behind the promotion, has decided to pull the plug on their MMA project a few weeks ago, effectively putting an end to Legend FC and it's operations.

    Legend FC officials have already begun unloading all their assets, and will likely have a clean unwind before the month ends. These remaining assets include the Legend FC brand, content library, and more importantly, the fighter contracts.

    Their library will be sold to a distributor, while various MMA promotions have already been contacted about transferring or acquiring some of their talent. Several of their fighters about to find new homes, with one of them likely to be Pacific X-Treme Combat (PXC). The promotion based in both Guam and the Philippines are already on the later stages of negotiations as they look to pick up multiple fighters from Legend to beef up their divisions from bantamweight to lightweight.

    Several names have already been lined up to be transferred to PXC, and we'll have more concrete news once pen gets put to paper. Other fighters who won't get picked up by these promotions in the coming weeks are likely to end up being signed in free agency.

    Legend FC did have their share of controversies while they ran for about 3 and a half years, but they also did a lot of right things that others can emulate. Apart from developing talent in the Asia-Pacific region, they were one of the few promotions in the region who constantly had a very high production quality. With this, they were able to secure quality broadcast deals with ESPN, AXN, and several other outlets that had them televised in China and all over Asia.

    MMA in Asia has been rapidly growing over the past few years, but as this occurrence shows, it's not all green pastures for everyone involved just yet. With Legend going down there will be some gaps, especially in the Hong Kong and Macau area, and hopefully other surging promotions will be able to pick up the slack and find new opportunities for fighters and fans in the region.
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    Narantungalag is fun to watch...

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    Now we know why it seemed (imho at least) that crocop was sucking up a bit to the ufc. Maybe he knew he'd be a free agent soon?

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