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Thread: What mediocre fighter put together the best string of wins?

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    I'm surprised no one has trolled this thread and said Fedor haha

    First name that comes to my mind is Dan Hardy... but I find him less than mediocre but strung together a few good wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post

    the whole hype for the koscheck fight was "the best striker in the division against the best wrestler outside of gsp classic striker versus wrestling match up blah blah blah".

    i dont know what you mean by a "reputable source". do you want a scholarly analysis of welter weight strikers in 2011? go read message boards, editorials and all that jazz there were plenty calling him the best. it was a topic of debate as to whether he or alves was the best striker but more people thought it was daley.

    just because in hindsight you dont agree, doesnt mean that nobody ever said that. your logic is off here.
    I can't recall anyone calling Daley the 'best striker' at welterweight, to be honest, but I wasn't on these boards much at that time.

    'Hardest punching welterweight' on the other hand? I'd say there was a fair bit of consensus about that, and probably still would be but for the emergence of Hendricks.

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    I'm too lazy to look up his win streaks, but Keith Jardine having wins over two LHW champions is pretty crazy.

    Then he went on the wrong kinds streak...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginmortal View Post
    Oh... you mean Severn?... pleeeease... he beat 100 guys... sure... aprox 75 of those were 0-0 at the time of their fight... but they count... don't they?
    yes Severn
    i would count him post ufc when he was only fighting no to low to mid level fighter

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