wow...i just watched the fight expecting an absolute robbery because of everything ive been seeing on social media and what not but boy was i wrong. it was a really close fight and a valid case could be made that gsp won three rounds albeit doing way less damage.

i saw people on other sites saying this is worse than shogun/machida. no way in hell was this a worse decision. honestly it is more the scoring system's fault than the judges themselves this time. pride scoring system hendricks would have definitely won the fight

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Joe Rogam has been increasingly worse all the time. His bias for certain fighters is brutal. I not sure I would even call him the better half of the broadcasting duo at this point.
you are right it was horrible and has been getting worse. not sure if you saw the villante fight but joe was ripping on him hardcore the whole fight and complimenting the otherguy. then in the middle of it all villante knocks the dude out i was laughing at how stupid rogan made himself look.