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    #UFC167 bonus: FOTN- @georgestpierre / @JohnyHendricks , SOTN: @Cowboycerrone and KOTN: @TWooodley

    UFC 167 draws reported 14,856 attendance for $5.7 million live gate
    Saturday night’s UFC 167 event drew an announced attendance of 14,856 and a live gate of $5.7 million.

    Georges St. Pierre post-fight retirement (for now) speech after grueling Johny Hendricks victory
    Here is the full transcription of his UFC 167 post-fight speech with Joe Rogan:

    "Everyone, there was a lot of talk about what was going to happen [after this fight]. I have a bunch of stuff happening and I need to hang up my gloves for a little bit. I hope my fans can appreciate [the decision]. Thank you to everyone , UFC and Johny Hendricks. I have to go away for a little bit … there are some personal things happening. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the UFC for giving me this chance. Thank you very much. I have to step away for a bit … that's all I can say [for now]. I was getting punched in the head a little, later on I will make [my point]. I got to go away for a little but, I'm very emotional right now."

    Tim Kennedy had one of the more humorous posts saying “One guy looks like he got run over by a big rig and the other guy looks like he went for a run. Bad decision”
    Carlos Condit, who held the interim title and lost to GSP and Hendricks, stated, “W T F…. Worst decision EVER.”
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