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Thread: Dana White on the NASC, Koscheck being cut, GSP's "problems", Hendricks vs GSP II

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    Lawler is a fucking rock star! Very impressive fight.

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    Id say if Condit beats Brown, Hendricks vs Condit rematch for the interim, and Lawler vs someone else for the next in line.

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    I wonder if Johny is kicking himself for letting GSP up when he had him down, what was it the 3rd or 5th?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masscore View Post
    I guess this is more the coach in me than anything else. I prefer to see a guy get pissed off after a loss than just take it and accept it. I will take a kid that kicks over a trash can and cries after losing a tough match over a kid that just shrugs it off any day of the week. The person who gets pissed is a person who cares.

    Take Shogun for example, he cried after Machida got his hand raised. He had tears in his eyes it hurt so much he lost that fight. Some guys just show their emotion differently. Shogun got upset and had tears in his eyes and Hendricks got pissed off. It's the same thing, they both showed how much the title meant to them and I am fine with it.

    Also, close doesn't mean there can't be a clear winner. Cruz v. Faber II, Aldo v. Edgar, Brown v. Faber II where all close fights but each one had a clear cut winner. Every single media outlet covering the fight scored it for Hendricks, these are people who for the most part cover combat sports or sports in general for a living. I would say 95% of this forum scored the fight for Hendricks and all of us are huge fans who watch MMA all the time and have a great understanding for the sport. Hendricks was robbed, end of discussion.

    This though should not take anything away from the fight. It was a great fight and personally my favorite moment was GSP in the 5th round. The guy just came out and put it all the line and took it to Hendricks and fought like I have not seen GSP fight for a long time.
    I would agree with you if Hendricks got pissed off about his own performance, but blaming the judging isn't really to any benefit and comes off as just whining.

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