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I don't mean this with any rancor towards Georges at all, but I've been under the assumption he's been gay for a looong time now, and I immediately thought he was going to take some time and come out.

the LGBTQ community will go absolutely insane...and he'll become an even bigger PPV draw.

I'm probably wrong...but I certainly wouldn't be shocked.

That's exactly what I thought when I watched the presser. Maybe him and Rory's got something going on and was just upset with Rory's fight outcome. Or it could just be his mentor pressuring him to retire and that's messing his head? And he probably wants his mentor out of his life but doesn't know how to?
After last nights presser, I really did feel sorry for gsp. Now I just want him to remain healthy and come back stronger than ever and beat Hendricks desicevely or just retire.