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Funny thing is, on that episode I remember Rogan goading it out of GSP about the aliens and then telling him they wouldnt want him saying anything that could impact his career.

And there Rogan is throwing it right back in his face.
Yup, I remember it vividly. For someone who "doesn't blame GSP for the decision," he acted as if he had. Rogan pretends to be all ego death but constantly makes these silly gaffes forgetting the voice he has with his celebrity. Oppie and Anthony is not as friendly a platform as his podcast is which he often forgets when he is on their show.

I am pretty sure Rogan will say the same thing on his podcast when asked about GSP, minus the aliens. Not cool to eek out a confession then spur it onto the public at the most vulnerable time of his career.

That said, GSP has taken alot of mileage of brain trauma in the past couple years. I would like to see him retire when he still has his marbles and his massive wealth rather than watch him go broke after his marbles are all over the floor. GSP owes nothing to the fans, the UFC, Dana White or Johny Hendricks. He owes it to himself to live his life in a manner that would provide him with the most joy.