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Thread: After controversial UFC 167 loss, Hendricks vows to go 100 percent in rematch

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Mass, I have to disagree.

    GSP had an absolute shite fight plan, with LOADS of room for improvement. I was stunned at how bad his fight plan was, and his execution was pretty dreadful--at least, for him.

    I actually don't think we'll see him fight again, but if he does, I hope it's not bullshit pressure from dana or fans that goads him into fighting when he's not truly committed. If St. Pierre does indeed fight and he's actually focused and committed, I would be utterly shocked if the rematch shows Johny improve without any answer from Georges.

    I hear that GSP only used 70% of his skills in this fight....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masscore View Post
    I personally think GSP fought the same fight he always fights and just ran into the one guy that can ruin that gameplan. He usually has either a huge grappling or striking advantage over the other guy. This time he ran into a guy that is his equal in MMA wrestling and a guy that for as techinal as GSP is, Hendricks makes up for it with being far more powerful. Basically what I am saying is Hendricks is the reason GSP's gameplan looked like shit, not that GSP had a shit gameplan.
    I'd say that since GSP fought the same way he generally fights, his gameplan was terrible.
    He's not only facing a better field of younger, more skilled fighters, he's facing guys that have been watching and rewatching his fights, dreaming of fighting him for their entire careers. Guys who go to sleep at night planning on how they'd counter his approach.

    His TD's haven't been as crisp or fluid since he came back from his knee rehab, I was surprised the fight plan had him grappling in the first round. I'd have had him chipping away at Hendricks' lead leg--and I wouldn't have been surprised to see that horrible-should-be-disqualified oblique kick that Anderson and Jones often throw to do it. But if I was in his corner, I wouldn't have had him engage Hendricks early, not until he'd extracted a toll from that lead leg. I wouldn't want him to mix it up with a guy who can eat his jab to throw a more powerful counter, and I wouldn't want him risking damage until he'd softened Johny's leg enough to take some of the power from his shots. Then move to working the body more to exploit suspect conditioning.

    Georges has always been a fighter who stayed away from other fighter's skillsets while maximizing his edge. He utterly failed to do that in this one. It was like he heard the internet haters and was trying to prove something to them. If he'd crafted a plan with as much attention to detail as he did with the Penn rematch--going as far as to consult a medical team in order to figure out how to break down BJ's thoracic cavity--he still has the skills to outmaneuver Johny early until he's softened enough to get in and mix it up.

    I was literally stunned by how bad the plan was.

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    Mario Yamasaki disagrees with judges, asks NSAC for better training

    "I’m inside the cage so I can’t see the fight as the judge sees it, but I thought Hendricks won the fight," Yamasaki told "I thought Hendricks dominated the fight, it was brutal, and I was surprised when they gave St-Pierre the win. But I’m not the judge. I look at the fight with different eyes."

    Yamasaki scored the fifth round in favor of St-Pierre, and that was it.

    "The first round was slow and could have gone either way. Hendricks dominated the second one. The third was close and could also go either way, and the judges gave it to St-Pierre. When the fight was over, I thought Hendricks won every round except the last one," he said. "But I have to watch the fight again to analyze it as a judge."

    UFC president Dana White criticized Keith Kizer and the Nevada State Athletic Commission following the post-fight press conference. Yamasaki doesn’t believe White is in a position to criticize the NSAC, but agrees that they need to change the way they prepare the judges.

    "As a promoter, (Dana White) can say anything he wants," he said. "He has never done a judging course, so he analyzes the fight as a fan.

    "But (NSAC) needs to do only one judging course to set one criteria on how to analyze a fight. Every referee does his course, so they teach their way to judge a fight."

    The judges weren’t the only ones to receive criticism after the five-round battle in Las Vegas. Yamasaki, who stopped the action in the second round so Hendricks could put his mouthpiece back in immediately after the challenger rocked St-Pierre, was questioned for his actions.

    "The rules say that when the mouthpiece falls and the action continues, I can't stop the fight," he said. "Hendricks kept pressuring, but then they started working in the clinch, so I stopped it. I wouldn't have stopped the fight if he kept punching. I'm there to protect the athlete. There's no reason why I would let him hurt his mouth."

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    Mario highlights the closeness of this fight. Rounds 2, 4, 5 aren't up for discussion. All 3 judges scored those rounds the same.

    1, and 3 could've went either way. 2 judges went for GSP, 1 for Hendricks.
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    All of this 70% talk is bullshit.

    Nobody does that, and definatley not in a title fight.

    I think hes confusing conserving energy in SOME of his attacks but definately not all.

    Look at some of those exchanges again. No way he was holding back.

    Total shit

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    I look at the fight with different eyes."
    Haha...yea ya do...
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    I saw this interesting picture someone posted of how they judged the GSP/Hendricks fight:

    ^I agree with this scoring.

    It really illustrates how someone can win on points by barely edging out more rounds, despite the loser winning his rounds in a more dominant fashion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bingo View Post
    I hear that GSP only used 70% of his skills in this fight....
    Or we saw a slower, weaker GSP fighting clean for the first time in a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Mario highlights the closeness of this fight. Rounds 2, 4, 5 aren't up for discussion. All 3 judges scored those rounds the same.

    1, and 3 could've went either way. 2 judges went for GSP, 1 for Hendricks.
    All 3 judges scored 2, 3, 4 and 5 the same, no? Only round 1 should be up for discussion.
    Some people have called this the worst decision ever and Dana has just been irate that the NSAC is corrupt. I'm so surprised by the reaction given that the majority agreed that rounds 2 to 5 were split between GSP and Hendricks and round 1 was a close round. Most gave that round to Hendricks but there are many who gave it to GSP and the judge's scorecards reflect the closeness of the round and so do the stats in rd 1, i.e., almost dead even significant strikes, total strikes and takedowns.

    I'm a little surprised that Yamasaki scored round 3 for Hendricks. It was a close round but GSP definitely got the better of it in the first 4 and a half minutes. Hendricks got the last takedown but really he didn't do much with it.

    I'm glad Yamasaki mentioned that Dana is a promoter but scores the fight as a fan. His opinion is really no different from anyone else's on this board. This was especially clear given two statements he made in the post fight press conference:
    [1] He said fights are won on damage and Hendricks clearly damaged GSP more in round 1. As a UFC president, he should know that the fights have never been judged on damage.
    [2] He scores only round 3 for GSP. What the hell was he watching in round 5?

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    I'd like to see GSP retire on top and on his own terms. I agree the fight plan was lacking, but I believe diminished physical abilities hindered his execution as well. I felt the possibility of defeat was fairly high. His last three fights have been a pretty clear departure from his usual dominant performances. I think he manhandles Hendricks 3 or 4 years ago. Now it's just a matter of short time til he relinquishes the belt. I hope he takes it home and stays there!

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