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Thread: Dana White believes doing more damage wins fights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    I understand you cant judge a fight by the overall damage inflicted.

    But are strikes not given more weight in judges eyes if they are 'significant strikes'.

    Significant strikes would be those which are more likely to cause more damage than a regular strike?

    Seems kind of a shitty system that judges the opportunities for damage over actual damage inflicted ... In a round about way.
    Well in that case according to the stats Gsp landed more significant strikes.. But no i dont think damage should win fights.. Ad previpusly stated some ppl bruise and cut way easier.

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    Damage should never be taken into consideration in scoring. Because some guys just bruise easier than others. Frankie Edgar is a great example of this. If the guy sneezes too hard he breaks his nose and bleeds. Meanwhile a guy like Hendo can get hit by a mack truck and not look any worse for wear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Does anyone else find it odd that the most known face for MMA doesn't even know what the judging criteria is?
    Not really all that odd considering it's Dana he's time and time again shown that his knowledge of what happens in the ring is really lacking. You would think he'd understand that this is a sport that is judged based of many criteria for scoring points though considering he was at the helm when things started to change from the early days of fighting til someone is finished.

    Quote Originally Posted by Masscore View Post
    Damage should never be taken into consideration in scoring. Because some guys just bruise easier than others. Frankie Edgar is a great example of this. If the guy sneezes too hard he breaks his nose and bleeds. Meanwhile a guy like Hendo can get hit by a mack truck and not look any worse for wear.
    Exactly damage showing on a guys face is going to vary by the person. Besides that an elbow or a punch to the jaw less likely to leave a mark as opposed to elsewhere but is as effective if not more so.

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    100 pitter patter shots < 80 far more powerful shots

    A insignificant cut or a nosebleed should not sway a fight in the favor of another, but when you have a champion get busted up while the challenger looks like he simply went for a 25 minute jog... There needs to be a different way of scoring Effective Striking rather than enumeration of strikes. I have said for 3 years that the judging criteria and the rules need to be revamped.

    I have long admired and respected GSP, but he lost that fight in my eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MMA4EVERRR View Post
    GSP has been in A LOT of battle tested fights. He has taken some shots here and there to his face, and that must definitely weakened his scar tissue to this face. Might not take much to cut his face at this point. Hendricks has not fought as much as GSP, his face has not gone through the battles that GSP has, nor has he fought the strikers that GSP has over the years.

    Take JDS for instance. His face was abused by Cain for 10 rounds. His scar tissue is easily not as it once was. If he were to fight someone and JDS just completely outstruck his opponent, and took a few measly shots to the face, which opened up some cuts...would anyone still give the fight to his opponent based on damage?
    I agree, people bleed more than others and bruise more than others.that should have no impact on the outcome of the fight.

    Also, it seems like Dana is trying to break the record for most times sounding like a jackass in a 24 hour span.

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    People talking about damage remind me of the people who said Brett Rogers was beating Fedor in round one of their fight.

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    It's odd to me that so many people, present company excluded for the most part, have so little respect for a guy who takes an ass-whipping and then comes back to control the fight and even win rounds. The same shit was spewed after the first BJ Penn fight and detractors cited the condition of GSP's face there as well.

    I thought that fight could have gone either way (the same way I felt about the first BJ Penn fight) based on the scoring of the first round. It was close but Hendricks had every opportunity to sieze the title in the fifth and he didn't.
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    I agree as well. the final round I feel gsp dug deep. people just haven't see Gsp in a close fight in a long time. now to see it this close is an amazing accomplishment for johny. robbery no. in dana's eyes yes. if it was based on damage to ones face only than fair skinned fighters like homenick and gsp will loose every fight they fight. so BJ pen would be undefeated!
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    I re-watched the first round a few times. The Guillotine was deep and it really looked even in slow mo that Hendricks was ready to tap or in fact tapped a hair right after GSP let go if you watch it close. Maybe the judges gave that round to GSP because he had Hendricks in a bad spot. I thought Hendricks had won and even after re-watching it but not as much of a Travesty as I first thought. Damage cannot equal win otherwise anyone who shows blood will lose, and yet it may be one strike or well placed elbow. Damn that is a dumb ass statement by Dana White.

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