Think back as far as you can and name fights that would have been awarded differently had damage alone decided the victor. Pictures/gifs encouraged! I put graphic on the title because I am hoping to see some good ones in here so don't let me down!

One that instantly comes to mind is Sanchez/Kampmann. Kampmann beat Diego's face as if he was trying to perform reconstructive surgery with his fists and knees; it looked like Diego was beaten with a blunt object after that fight was over. That fight was remarkably gruesome and everyone sort of had that "oh, shit" vibe to them because of it.

Those two pictures are worth a thousand words. Diego looks like he's casually expressing his gratitude for the fight they put on while Kampmann looks like he's concerned and reassuring himself that this is perfectly legal and he's not going to jail for what he did to Diego's face. Fucking hilarious.

Kampmann wins on damage.