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"GSP recently learned he knocked up a woman -- and he doesn't want to have a baby with her but she insists on keeping it."

I bet she fucking does! Bitch is trying to get a meal ticket out of it probably. But.... that is her choice and Georges is the idiot that did not wear a condom. So, I dont really feel sorry for him there. Now, his dad dying is a different story; that sucks, and my heart goes out to the guy.

With all that said, if Georges wants to step away for a while then by all means, do so; but if he is going to be gone for longer then a year then he should give up his title or be stripped of his title.
Or maybe GSP should have I do not know, worn a condom? It's too bad those things are so expensive and so hard to come by. It's not like a box of them cost 3 dollars and you can find them at any convenience store.

Of course this is TMZ, so lets just see if it is true.